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Our Debt collection agency in Dubai or UAE Debt Collection is managed by highly experienced staff. Specialized in debt collection for small, mid-size, and large businesses as well as banks and finance companies. Regions Oldest Debt Recovery service has more than 15 years’ experience, nationally and internationally, efficiently managing the complex debt collection industry.

About Us was established in UAE to provide its local and, international clients with the most accurate, reliable and genuine legal services.

Make your living hassle-free in UAE!

Being a hub of international business, legal disputes are common in UAE.

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Debt Collection agency in Dubai

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  • Success comes at the rate of investment and we have been able to, maintain the record of success and integrity as one of the leading firm in UAE.
  • We have pride in working as clients Dubai debt recovery or any debt recovery partner with high regard due to our exceptional services.
  • Our professional team of legal attorneys reduces customer’s delinquency to, ultimately positively impact the bottom line through no win no fee policy!
  • We have over 25 years of experience in providing legal services!
  • We leverage a national network of affiliate attorneys to deal with your legal troubles. Being a pioneer and, skilled industry player of legal services we take care of you with superior service!
  • Get going your business smoothly through our debt recovery service. When it comes to dealing with your legal matters we understand your needs to develop strategy that suits you.

When money is being invested in a line it is also accompanied by a substantial amount of risk. But for a notable success, such kinds of risks are necessary. A UAE debt collection or Debt Collection Dubai is a name which understands the things offending the business structures and their sensitivity hence, assuring the creditors to prevent them against bad debt. We are deeply gratified in announcing that we have been successful in collecting debt from B2B firm since 1999.


here are many sorts of collection offices. In the first place, party organizations are regular backups of the first organization the debt is owed to. Outside organizations are separate organizations shrunk by an organization to collect a debt for their sake for a charge. Debt purchasers buy the debt at a rate of its esteem, then endeavor to collect it. Every nation has its own particular principles and directions with respect to them.

Our Values

  • UAE debt collection offers a stress free way of solving your problems by adopting a strong work culture and vision to succeed.
  • Our foundation of values flows parallel to our objective and operate on our guidelines.
  • We believe in creating a collection strategy that works best in your interest!
  • Assurance comes with third party intervention!
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Our easy to use portal possesses technical and legal advertise that forms the foundation of our firm. We help you to remove your nightmares of legal matters.
Excellence in Quality
Working as a team of legal attorneys streamlines the entire process of developing sophisticated strategies to ease you with providing solutions! We are linked to provide you customized solutions. Our multi-channel approach decides your future!
Teamwork offers end to end legal services and collection operations to sustain its presence in a competitive legal market by persistently keeping our clients at priority by furnishing them responsible and timely legal and commercial counsel.
Dedication to clients is a registered legal firm in Dubai offering various legal services to ease the hassles of its clients. We have a team of professional and competent legal attorneys to deal in all legal areas. Keeping the client at priority, we offer customized flexible services to resolve your matter in shortest time frame. Our Debt collection agency in Dubai has pride in furnishing successful consultancy and other legal services including debt collection to its seekers!

“Making your life nuisance free!”

Improve your business and enjoy a stress free life, leaving your legal burdens on

“We believe in delivering on excellence”

We actively encourage our team of professional legal attorneys to use their knowledge, experience and intellectual rigour to create innovative solutions for complex legal matters. Debt collection agency in Dubai is integrated with necessary resources and significant depth, furnishing a full suite of legal solutions to carry out world class legal advice in all key areas of law.

We believe in promoting diversity and inclusion therefore it has enabled us to retain the best out of best legal attorneys from across UAE who are diligent in ensuring client’s success. Our licensed litigators possess unique strength which makes us unique from other firms in UAE!

“We keep our clients at the center of everything”


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Practice Sectors

We operate in vast variety of sectors like :

Banking And Finance

With more than 15 full-time bankruptcy and workout lawyers, Moore & Van Allen has one of the largest bankruptcy and restructuring


Planning Tax

Debt collection agency in Dubai Wealth Transfer group provides sophisticated, proactive and personable estate, tax, charitable and business planning for our clients

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IT Sector

Debt Collection Dubai Commercial and Technology Transactions Practice Group is a cross-functional, experienced legal team dedicated to serving our clients

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Economic Developement

Debt collection in Dubai multidisciplinary Economic Development team works on behalf of domestic and international companies

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Corporate Sector

A dozen Fortune 500 companies, along with many growing middle market businesses, across wide-ranging industries rely on Moore & Van Allen as their corporate counsel.

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HealthCare Disputes

Disputes in the healthcare industry are on the rise. They stem from aggressive government and commercial payor initiatives and positions on reimbursement issues, strict rules on data privacy


Construction Disputes

Construction disputes arise because of disagreements between the parties on a contract. They are due to a perceived or real violation of a construction contract and the obligations set forth therein.

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Labour Disputes

Debt Collectionin Dubai Employment and Labor attorneys work hard to defend our clients' rights before courts, arbitrators and government agencies, and to solve our clients' problems short of litigation.

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Credit Card Disputes

A credit card dispute, more commonly known as a credit card chargeback, occurs after your customer, identifying a transaction they believe is not valid, disputes the transaction to the issuing bank.

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Our Mission

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Confidentiality and privacy of the legal and personal matters are diligently taken care of by the team of professional associate lawyers. We aim in providing our clients due diligence and considerations.

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Debt collection agency in Dubai facilitates valuable clients with dedication, commitment, ownership, and triumph of success. Our team of associate lawyer’s careful efforts has achieved milestones of pride through their achievements.

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Confidentiality and privacy of the legal and personal matters are diligently taken care of by the team of professional associate lawyers. We aim in providing our clients due diligence and considerations.

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