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Civil Law

Civil Law Civil Law We have pride in attaining a high success rate in civil cases due to our expertise in handling the process from reviewing to success of judicial approval. Our expert legal attorneys can assist you in all kind of civil litigations including: Personal contracts Compensation disputes Mortgage disputes Contractual disputes Property disputes …

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Debt Collection

Debt Collection Debt Collection owns professional and competent debt collectors who assist you through dunning letters and amicable collections to formal debt collection. Our debt collection services include: Amicable debt collection We assist you in cultivating and retaining positive working relationships between you and your customers by offering non-contentious solutions through our amicable debt …

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Labour Law

Labour Law Labour Law has built a reputation for furnishing the most relevant and comprehensive legal advice in the sector of employment. This standing has been achieved through our capabilities and extensive experience which enables us to deal with employment matters such as transactional work, day to day employee relations and employment litigation. Our …

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property Intellectual Property possesses specialist lawyers and experienced patent, trademark, copyright and design professionals who routinely handles many significant matters such as IP matters. We cover the following areas: Domain names Competition Trademark protection Litigation and enforcement Copyright Compliance of labeling Protection of consumer Designs and patents IP transactions

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Mediation Mediation Services We have a team of fully trained mediators, accredited by renowned mediation institutions. They act as mediators in a broad range of corporate and commercial disputes such as property disputes, shareholder disputes, engineering and construction disputes, financial services, engineering disputes, insurance and commodities. We act as your counsel and legal adviser and …

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Arbitration Arbitration Services furnishes international arbitration practice. We have a history in getting frequently appointed as a counsel in arbitration throughout UAE. Our team of legal attorneys is multilingual and culturally diverse and very well understands how to overcome communication barrier. We own thought leaders who are specialized in dealing with substantive areas such …

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