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The Blogs section of UAE Debt Collections  is a valuable resource for individuals and businesses in the UAE who are seeking information about debt recovery and related topics. Here, readers can find helpful articles, tips, and insights on managing debt, understanding legal procedures, and navigating the complexities of the collections process. The blogs cover a range of topics such as debt collection strategies, credit reporting, bankruptcy laws, and more. The information provided on this website is written by debt collection experts who have a deep understanding of the local market and legal framework, making it a trusted source for anyone looking to resolve debt-related issues in the UAE

Civil Law

Civil Law We have pride in attaining a high success rate in civil cases due to our expertise in handling the process from reviewing to success of judicial approval. Our expert legal attorneys can assist you in all kind of civil litigations including: Personal contracts Compensation disputes Mortgage disputes Contractual disputes Property disputes Financial disputes

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Real Estate

Real Estate We own a market leading real estate practice that offers a comprehensive range of commercial real estate services across UAE. We have high success rate in hotels and leisure, education and healthcare sector. Our professional team of legal attorneys is fluent in English and Arabic and owns in depth knowledge of government institutions

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Growth of the Economy

Economic Development Economic Development has a unique history of making remarkable contributions in the field of economic development and for this we bring together the lawyers of diversified backgrounds. Our practice area in this sector includes: Furnishing advice on all environmental compliance and permitting Accessing grant funds available for quasi-public infrastructure and construction of

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Finance and Banking

Banking And Finance Banking And Finance We offer advisory service to the lenders and borrowers on all aspects of structuring, documenting and negotiating finance transactions. It also includes a number of prominent banks and companies. We cover a wide range of areas: Islamic financing Banking litigation and enforcement Derivatives Investment funds and structure Ship, aircraft

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Family Disputes

Family Disputes Family Disputes has a team of professional legal attorneys who advise its clients in litigious and non-litigious matters that involves family structure and rights. Our services in this area include: Child custody case Divorce cases Handling estate and wills Prenuptial agreements Representation of litigants in court etc.

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Health Care Disputes

Health Care Disputes Our legal attorneys cover the following areas in health care disputes: Healthcare fraud and abuse Professional arrangements such as contractual issues, compensation disputes etc. Reimbursement and managed care Antitrust and competition Patient care and trust Administrative practice Construction, energy and environmental litigations Tax issues and non-profit organizations

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Tax Consultancy

Tax Consultancy Our tax service assists financial institutions, government, multinational corporations, sovereign wealth fund, investment funds, family offices, private equity groups, joint ventures and local and international organizations facing tax related issues. Our tax expertise includes: Advisory on tax aspects of structured finance transactions Analyzing and advising on VAT implications Advising on VAT compliance obligations

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Claims for travel

Travel claims Travel claims We have specialists who can help you claim and receive compensation that you deserve as a travel claims for any sort of injury during your travel. We cover the following areas: Road traffic accidents Accidents of pedestrian Slips and trips in hotels or any such establishments Food poisoning from restaurants or

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