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The Blogs section of UAE Debt Collections  is a valuable resource for individuals and businesses in the UAE who are seeking information about debt recovery and related topics. Here, readers can find helpful articles, tips, and insights on managing debt, understanding legal procedures, and navigating the complexities of the collections process. The blogs cover a range of topics such as debt collection strategies, credit reporting, bankruptcy laws, and more. The information provided on this website is written by debt collection experts who have a deep understanding of the local market and legal framework, making it a trusted source for anyone looking to resolve debt-related issues in the UAE

Insurance Reclamations

Insurance Claims Insurance Claims practice to cater in all aspects of insurance industry. Our attorneys have expertise in a spectrum of insurance industry legal services that includes Representation in subrogated and regular claims Advising foreign insurers in health insurance requirements and regulations, licensing and establishment in UAE General advise to individuals and companies Providing […]

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Labour Law

Labour Law has built a reputation for furnishing the most relevant and comprehensive legal advice in the sector of employment. This standing has been achieved through our capabilities and extensive experience which enables us to deal with employment matters such as transactional work, day to day employee relations and employment litigation. Our expertise span

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property possesses specialist lawyers and experienced patent, trademark, copyright and design professionals who routinely handles many significant matters such as IP matters. We cover the following areas: Domain names Competition Trademark protection Litigation and enforcement Copyright Compliance of labeling Protection of consumer Designs and patents IP transactions also checkout Practice Sector: Economic Development

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Mediation Services We have a team of fully trained mediators, accredited by renowned mediation institutions. They act as mediators in a broad range of corporate and commercial disputes such as property disputes, shareholder disputes, engineering and construction disputes, financial services, engineering disputes, insurance and commodities. We act as your counsel and legal adviser and provide

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