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Debt collection Abu Dhabi

Debt collection Abu Dhabi

Debt collection is one of the major services that our law firm is offering. We believe in interpreting and representing our clients at the civil court proceeding that we commence on behalf of our client for recovery of their debts. Our legal associates have professional excellence in pursuing debts in favor for our clients from individuals and corporate entities that have been indebted to them and are reluctant to make payments across UAE. Be it debt collection in Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah or Debt collection Abu Dhabi our trained and experienced legal attorneys have adopted very fast and effective methodology and techniques, which are also cost effective, for easy recovery of debts. Our team of professional legal lawyers is comprised of undoubtedly the best lawyers in UAE as we have set certain criteria’s for their appointment such as only a highly professional and who complies with the ethical values strictly during the operations is only preferred.

Our law firm works on the principle of confidentiality to the highest possible extent with regards to data and documents obtained from client for the purpose of legal proceedings. Be it small , medium or big corporations we have solution for everyone on how to recover their debts and also advice on how the effect of unpaid debts on its overall finances and accounts can be mitigated in a secure way so that the liquidity flow of the entity’s operations and profit and loss is not affected in any way. We have a team of experienced and professional debt collectors possessing comprehensive experience in applicable laws, local culture and the best ways to find a resolution. This has enabled them with all necessary credentials to pursue, recover, collect and delivery payments and debts back to the client seeking our service. Our debt collection wing is fluent in all languages and all laws prevailing in UAE, thus removing any kind of language barrier between the firm and its client or third party.

Unpaid invoices

Entities or individuals operating businesses in UAE and making their sales on credit basis requires a timely reminder about the outstanding amounts of credit and the dates to the debtor. Our debt collection wing of legal attorneys primarily deals with an invoice management system. Our debt collectors start sending back to back notices to the debtors on reaching the due date for reminder. In case of receiving no response from debtors and failure to meet the obligation of making timely payments or total avoidance of payments from debtors, a strict action is taken by our debt collection team with your consent to pursue payments through our hard collection services. This is in the severe cases where the other party is totally reluctant and rigid in clearing payments. During debt collection we try our best to recover the debt in such way that the relationship between the debtor and our client is not impaired and they still remain on trading terms and firm-assure that your reputation is our top priority.

Debt recovery

Our law firm has a debt collection team who is exceptionally good in full recovery of your funds along with preserving client’s relationship with its debtor. We aim to make your debt recovery simpler with our professional legal associates who are fluent in laws and customs prevailing in UAE. Possessing vast experience in the field of debt recovering be it debt collection Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah or Debt collection Abu Dhabi or any other city of UAE our firm has a high success rate in this sector. We strategically work to retrieve the delinquent amounts from the debtors after the due has passed and we have dispatched back to back notices to them for reminder of payment. Our legal associates initially work with amicable approach for settlement and negotiation and try to convince the debtor to make payments, making him understand the consequences of failure on his part to make payments. However, when this process of negotiation ends with no result it is presumed as failure on part of debtor to make payment, then we believe in proceeding through more formal channels by taking legal action such as conducting legal proceedings against the debtor.

Debt collection of Unpaid Loan

Our law team of professional lawyers believes in using appropriate strategies for recovering all type of loans from the persons indebted. Our law firm is one of the leading firms of UAE and therefore hold an elaborated system and extensive network of both formal and informal contacts which assist us in conducting searching process for the debtor. They are also assigned with the task of surveying the assets of the debtors and to recuperate and retrieve the loan in the straightforward and effortless process possible with the least cost expense. Our enlarged network of these contacts is the necessary part of our recovery process as they ensure the flow of information necessary for success of our goals and pursuits.
In addition to act as debt collector on behalf of our client for the purpose of debt recovery we also offer advisory services in the matters such as advice on managing, disposing of or investing any assets we have recovered from the debtors on behalf of our client. Our passionate legal associates having expertise and specialization in debt recovery work tirelessly on each client customized requirements.

Trade recovery

Usually local businesses are face the problem of trade recovery that their agents have given up on in such scenarios our debt collection wing knows the effective way of retrieving the amount from such defaulters. After making communication through notices with debtors by our professional team members, a cost benefit analysis is created for conducted the legal proceedings against the debtor. However, the legal action is only initiated in case the debtor is reluctant to respond to our notices or make payments even on reminder. We have been able to make history in debt collection Abu Dhabi, Debt collection Dubai, Debt collection Sharjah and many more across the UAE. Our talented and expert legal professionals completely understand how to recover your amount without affecting your trading relationships.