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Legal Document Drafting

Legal Document Drafting

Legal document drafting is handled by experienced lawyers as they have enough knowledge on how to prepare it with necessary legal vocabularies and law mentions. A common can face it difficult to prepare it as it needed certain structure and guidelines from the court.For lawyers to be effective in drafting legal documents, they usually study what the courts, attorneys, etc. use as a language when drafting legal documents. They immersed themselves in legal dictionaries to ensure they enrich their vocabulary with the words that they need in getting their message across in a formal manner. Lawyers also seek the help of manuals and books as guides for drafting legal documents. It gives them the ideas on how to best prepare and compose law-related documents. There are a lot of documents that can be legally drafted by lawyers. And there are a number of legal drafting services in Dubai. That can provide the right people and service to you when it comes to ensuring that your documents are free of errors.

-Memorandem of Association

This document is needed in a limited liability company (LLC)’s formation and process of registration. This legal document defines the relationship between an LLC and its shareholders. It shows the name of the company, names of the shareholders, address of the company, and the share distribution.

-Power of Attorney

It is a legal document that gives another person (agent) the power to act on behalf of another person (principal, usually the one who makes the POA). More often than not, POA is used by people when they can’t be physically around to do certain things, if they are ill, or have a disability that hinders them from doing so

-Articles of Association

Companies have regulations for their operations, and they are all specified and stated in an article of association. Aside from that, tasks are also laid out on an article of association with regard to how they’re going to deal with things, such as appointing directors, issuing of stock shares, handling financial records, paying dividends, etc.

-Will and Testament

It is a legal document that is made by a person, expressing what he wants to happen in the event that he becomes terminally ill or when he dies. There are beneficiaries included when drafting a will or writing a will. Also, a person names an executor (whether a family member, friend, etc.) who will execute the mentioned legal document when the time comes.
UAE Debt Collection provides legal document drafting, analysis and documentation services for clients. We know that this is an important part of the daily work of a lawyer. Whether you are seeking for performing a legal analysis, legal articles preperation, legal research, or draft of memoranda, we can offer a quality service for you.
We have experts who are well qualified to handle any type of legal drafting in UAE. We ensure that, the work will be done ina verys short span of time.