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Transport & Logistics

Defining Transport & logistics

The industry deals with the storage and movement of products along with the planning, applying and regulating the whole procedure is known as transport and logistics. The basic aim of professionals behind all this process is to make sure that all products are properly packed and stored and all the necessary documentation is completed. Managing logistics is very critical as it plays a vital role in meeting the demands of the customers by properly organizing and continual flow of goods from one location to other. Though movement and management is dependent upon the assets and formation of company, some of them manage their logistics on their own but generally, businesses and companies approach organizations that provide such services.

Transport & Logistic in UAE

Due to modification in plans UAE has gone through an extensive transformation in their logistic industry, and it is expected to run the top logistics industry particularly in the Gulf region. The economic broadening and trade free zones have enhanced the logistics industry in Dubai, UAE has been ranked among 10 global performers in the logistics industry. Services they offer under Logistics are:-.

Courier Services (Small size parcel)

Generally, small-scaled objects like boxes and parcels are transported through courier services for example, DHL, UPS, and FedEx. This type of courier services generally delivers the items in short period, whole process is conduct very swiftly without causing damage to products.

Freight Services (Large Size Transportation)

Freight services are known for the transportation of huge items that cost a lot. Indeed, this is quite expensive to transport huge items using freight services. Majority of industries who opt for this service are from oil & gas, machinery, and chemicals, etc. The patterns of transportation utilized by these freight companies to deliver the product to end user are cargo planes, cargo trucks, and ships. Sea freight is comparatively economical as compared to air freight. So most people prefer sea freight.

Storage or Warehousing Services

The warehousing services also contain logistic services as well. They offer to provide suitable space to store products which are huge or big, which later can be moved, dispersed or sold from the warehouse. You can maintain the record of inventory until it is delivered to end user.

Transport & Logistic Lawyers in UAE

UAE contains most capable and expert lawyers in field of transport and logistics industry. The legal consultants are offering their services for more than a decade in UAE. The legal consultants and lawyers have extensive experience and knowledge in term of legislative matters related to the field of logistic management, and the industry for recommending and resolving all the problems companies might face to conduct transportation and logistics. Transportation lawyers in UAE have achieved worldwide recognition. The lawyers ensure that all legal issues are dealt professionally and assist you in many ways, in logistic & transportation industry. Over the period we have developed our list of clients, containing logistic suppliers, brokers, freight forwarders, carriers, and shippers.

Services we offer:

  • Airplane damage claims.
  • Personal harm claims.
  • Aerospace and Aviation.
  • Supply chain management and Logistics
  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Negotiation and Settlement
  • Representing clients on matters regarding international shipping
  • Representing international airport authority on issues related to construction
  • Legal assistance to clients on dealing with lost or pending transport matters
  • Legal assistance to local, national, and regional carriers
  • Assistance in setting the policies, and rules, regulations and achieving compliance with the logistics and transportation industry
  • Examining the transportation accident
  • Representation of carriers in the purchasing, selling, or leasing of terminal facilities
  • Shielding the clients in regulatory enforcement action
  • Tackling workers compensation claims of industry
  • Agreements and shipping documents
  • Preparation and review of transportation agreements,
  • Representing carriers & shippers in disputes.
  • Acquiring personal Loans