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Will Drafting Services

For Dubai Residents and Expatriates

Writing a will is a legal way of conveying the valuable assets and possessions of the owner to its beneficiaries. But unwanted will has many consequences which not only create doubts amongst the inheritors but also results in wide clashes between the parties, later on. Therefore, will writing is a necessary segment insecuring the property in ownership, possessions and legal heirs from undesired troubles. For this uaedebtcollection.comoffers will writing services in UAE.

Essentials of Will Writing Services

Basic eligibility of a person filing a will is the age limit that is he must be of 18 years of age and of healthy mind. Moreover, expatriates have the opportunity to make their wills in UAEand can be implemented anywhere in UAE.

Legal obligations of Will Writing

It is the prime duty of Will attorneys to make sure that the will may not suffer the complications due to incomplete or improper wills and through their expertise they save them from frozen bank accounts either joint or single , delayed payments, cancellation of visas of the dependents and most significantly family disputes. Wills and trusts in good will are produced to procure the rights of the beneficiariesso that they might not be deceived by anyone after the deceased and they will be able to manage the property in a legal desirable way.

Guardianship Letter

In case where a person does not desire to make a will, he might write a guardian letter, to select a suitable option and specific guardian instructions, in case if beneficiary is a minor child. At times, such option is desirable for some parties, where both the legitimate parents no more. This proves to be a shield for a minor and his property, as well as provide him with Temporary Parents.

UAE Laws and DIFC Wills

UAE courts follow to Sharia Law, while endorsing the wills. In case, where the wills have been registered by non-Muslim, they must select the laws of their native country to apply for the inheritance. This service for non – Muslims is provided by the will’s solicitors. For non- Muslims UAE also introduced DIFC wills where the non-Muslim expats have been provided the opportunity to make investments and secure their properties in a legal ownerships appropriate to their native lands, religion or intentions.

Services by

uaedebtcollection.comhas a team of expert associate lawyers, working in UAE to register the wills of both Muslims and non-Muslims. They are very well experienced and proficient in drafting wills, and might also assist in any changing afterwards, if needed. The registering of will via is a best offer to the client for the lifelong service to make sure the security of the filer’s property and assets where the team also offers facility to modify the testament as per the personal reasons.