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Family Law

Family Law

UAE Debt Collection has highly professional and knowledgeable lawyers with experience in consulting all types of laws related to family law. Contented issues that are decided in family court through legal proceedings are painful and sensitive. A lawyer is actually the man of the hour who can assist you in this hard time. The need for the experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who represent your case and help you in protecting your rights cannot be ignored. Our advocates experienced in family law is always ready to take your case and represent you before the judiciary in a wide range of disputes related to Divorce, Custody, Alimony and Domestic Violence.

Divorce Cases:

It is a miserable fact that marriages break-down or come to an end. When the couples are no longer happy in their marriage life and separation or divorce is the only solution to the problem then our lawyers and advocates experienced in Sharia Law or UAE Family law, which mostly covers the Muslim marriages, will come to the help of the clients or the couples who want separation or divorce. We also offer legal consultancy to the couples belong to other nationalities according to their laws and litigations.

Custody and Alimony Cases:

We always endeavor our best to represent our clients in court and deliver the results keeping in mind the interests of our client. Whether the case is related to child guardianship, support or alimony. The guardianship or safekeeping of the kid is also included. We identify the significance of being sensitive to the obligations and affection. While keeping in mind that sometimes the supporting and conclusive efforts may result in the best interest of the client.

Domestic Violence Cases:

Violence can result in serious injury and can cause psychological disorder. If a person or an individual is a victim of domestic violence, he must consult a legal consultant or professional lawyer. Our group of knowledgeable advocates or lawyers will better assist you in reporting your complaint to the known authorities and will give you the advice to secure yourself and also the family members. Besides the above cases the advocates or lawyers of UAE Debt Collection can best guide you in the arrangement of marriage agreements and also will come to your aid in cases related to inheritance and spousal support. Our highly professional lawyers will do their best in delivering your interests and goals as soon as possible. Our professional advocates and lawyers experienced in divorce law will assist you with your family- related disputes and we will offer you complete legal services by means of litigation, dialogue or negotiation.