Attestation Services for Legal Documents in UAE


An official procedure that involvesstamping or signingthe document required to be attested. Both Verification & signing by official personnel, entity, board, or by any legally authorized personnel.


Few documents need attestation in UAE to avoid any clash or fraud. Neglecting attestation can result in serious outcome of fraud like submission of fake documents. Below we have addressed documents that required attestation in UAE. Academic credentials: Academic Certificates are legal documents that are the proof of your level of education and are required to be attested to support your claim. This process of attestation is mandatory in UAE to get a job. This is one of the basic requirements for hiring in UAE.
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Birth Certificate:

In case of sponsorship to child, attested birth certificate by parents is required if they wish to sponsor the kid. It is indeed a time taking process. The document having full name of the child, location/date of birth, parent’s name etc.

Death Certificate:

Whenever asset distribution is concerned, governing authority will definitely ask for an attested death certificate of the person containing person’s full name, place/date of death etc.

Marriage Certificate:

Attestation of marriage certificate is mandatory for the processing of sponsorship papers, whenever spouse desire to visit and meet husband in another country. As per the UAE law, the minimum wage limit for a person must not be less than AED 4,000 whenever someone wants to sponsor.

Medical Certificate:

This attestation is mandatory when a couple want to get married in UAE, this will help in verification as evidence for the health condition of both before getting married. Some firms also ask for attested medical certificate to ensure the medical fitness of a person. Whether that person is medically suitable to perform his duties & responsibilities.

Attestation Procedures for UAE

Below we have addressed series of steps for attesting documents if in case they are issued outside the UAE. Though, it does not apply to every attestation in UAE.

Step-1: Attestation will be done by UAE embassy in your country.

Step-2: Forwarding documents Foreign Affairs for legitimacy

Step-3: Document will be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs-UAE for in detail verification. After review from Ministry attested documents will have official stamp attached.

Attestation Services in UAE

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