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Legal Drafting

Legal Drafting

A document organized by the lawyers or legal representatives, containing legitimate terminologies, which bound the parties lawfully is known as legal drafting. It is a documented text which presents a legalframe work or action plan.

To conduct legal drafting in UAE, the lawyers effectively examine the words and use them properly for lawful purposes. Various legal books are the best resource of the lawyers. They continuously explore the written materials to acquire perfection, professionalism, and clarity in their drafts. Basic intention of a lawyer is to produce a document which should be legitimately right and vibrantly convey the legitimate purposes of the document. We the associate lawyers of have extensive experience in drafting legal documents under the various heads of law. Our team of lawyers in UAE has polished their skills and became an expert in documenting the legal drafts.

Documents to be legally drafted

For the legal implementation of the rights and liabilities, and to make stake holders liable to each other, legal drafting of the documents attends the purpose. Key point is to prepare the document without any errors and discrepancies. For such purpose numerous experienced lawyers in UAE are extensively experienced in documenting fool-proof legal documents. Our associate lawyers of have great skills in drafting the legal documents and making sure that the documents free of errors.

1. Will and testaments:

Will or testament is generally presents wish of an individual about sharing his wealth or assets after his illness, demise or in case of any mental imbalancement. The will is majorly documented to avoid any misuse in the properties of the late and to avoid any clashes and dispute. has been extremelyskilled serving in drafting wills or testaments in all the emirates of UAE.

2. Memorandum of Association:

Memorandum of association (MOA) is drafted at the time of creation or registration of a limited liability company (LLC). This document describes the legal status of the company and its stakeholders. Document might contain name of company/stakeholders, address of company, share related information.

3. Article of Association:

This legal document contain the operations are to be conducted by company. Moreover, tasks assigned to employees and how to perform tasks. Operations might contain hiring of directors, Issuance of stock shares, dealing financial records, Issuance of dividends.

4. Power of attorney:

This is one of the most used legal documents all across the globe. This document is the right to exercise power, given to another person by the owner or principal.